The Wedding Collection: Illuminate Your Special Day with Greentree Home Candles


By The Wild Fleur Co. and Greentree Home Candle

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our newest candle collection at Greentree Home Candle. Developed in in collaboration with Jenifer Green of Greentree Home, our Wedding Collection Rope Tapers and Wedding Collection Everyday Tapers offer the perfect palette for weddings, ceremonies and unions. Now available in a limited edition set of celebratory colors: eucalyptus, moon dust, vintage lace and berry champagne.

Calling all event planners and florists! Lovers and partners who are planning their own weddings, family members and friends who are hosting momentous gatherings! Designers, architects and experts in scene setting – take note. We imagine that, amidst your sensational arrangements and grand adornments, a candle or two will feature. A few bold pieces, or maybe masses of candles by the dozen. Elegant tapers perched atop ornate candleholders. Robust wax statues spanning smooth wooden tabletops. Striking silhouettes tracing along the center of colorful, hand-embroidered table runners. What is a celebration without candles?

Candles evoke a special beauty and warmth that few objects rival. The Wedding Collection is an homage to both the enduring magic of ceremonial candles, and the innovative world of design. Our Wedding Collection Rope Tapers serve as distinct accent pieces – graceful, memorable and stylishly gorgeous. Alongside these sensual beauties, our Wedding Collection Everyday Tapers add a charming, enchanting flair. Meant to be used in lavish abundance, they will fill any fête with vibrance and cheer. Each of the colors in the Wedding Collection were created to marry pleasingly with the specific flowers so often favored for weddings and unions.

Introducing our stunning new taper colors!

Eucalyptus brings a soft, sultry green to the party – a sensory experience as nourishing as the mesmerizing tree it was named after. The Wedding Collection Everyday Tapers in eucalyptus will organically weave with your greenery, whether dazzling among green boughs and branches indoors or echoing the organic brilliance of a green outdoor space. The Wedding Collection Rope Tapers excel as centerpieces, drawing the eye and glittering with excitement. 

Next we have moon dust, a magical mauve inspired by the capuccino rose. When tightly furled, this rose’s magnificent bud appears to be one singular shade of taupe. Then, as the flower blooms, dozens of browns and pinks – from sand and terra cotta to raspberry and salmon – emerge. No matter what palette you choose, moon dust will complement both brighter and subtler colorways. While our Rope Tapers will stand out in the crowd, you cannot have too many Everyday Tapers sprinkled across your soiree.

Alongside eucalyptus and moon dust, the Wedding Collection presents vintage lace. Somewhere delightfully between the vibrant yellow of our natural beeswax, and the off-white of our cream, vintage lace is a warm neutral versatile enough to please everyone. Singing with buttery richness, this timeless tone will blend beautifully with any color scheme. Everyday Tapers in vintage lace will elevate the sweetness of your space. Equally luminous, the Rope Tapers will no doubt turn heads as the candles themselves seem to fuse with their golden flames.

Berry champagne completes the Wedding Collection set. Whether your dream ceremony is bursting with dahlia or ranunculus, hydrangea or peony – berry champagne adds a particularly precious pop of pink that will reflect the beauty inherent to each flower, naturally picking up on hues of pink, red, peach and burgundy. Don’t be scared to play with color! 

Berry champagne will likewise punctuate blue or green, black or white themed events. As Marissa of The Wild Fleur Co. so wisely says, designing a wedding is not about matching everything together – it is about curating a soft balance among each element present until the space feels transformed.

Give Back Program & GreenTree’s Eco Conscious Mission

🐝 BUSY BEE TIP 🐝 Huge, epic and glorious events can be extravagant without being wasteful! The Wild Fleur Co. event planning services include a give back program in which all of the candles and flowers used in your wedding or celebration can be donated to local community hubs at the end of your event. May is Pollinator Month and our annual wildflower seed Giveaway, on the Greentree Home Candle website.  

♻️BEE SUSTAINABLE🌳Using natural resources and materials such as beeswax and cotton wicks, the Wedding Collection represents a beautiful and sustainable alternative to the mass produced and toxic paraffin candles often used by wedding planners and event services. Greentree candles are handcrafted in small batches by skilled artisans who pour beeswax, along with love, into each candle. 

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Specializing in weddings, intimate soirees, and private events across Northern California, Marissa is beloved by her clients not only for her floral expertise, but also for her transparency and hardworking nature.


meet owner and lead florist,

- chayce B.

“I can't speak highly enough of her professionalism and best-in-class luxury service. Marissa took us on a visual and written journey of our wedding design that allowed us to easily envision our special day. What truly amazed me was that, after seeing photos of our wedding, I looked back at her initial design proposal, and it was exactly how she had described it – a testament to her exceptional product knowledge and unwavering commitment to quality."

She has exceptional product knowledge  & unwavering commitment to quality

- Katie p.

"Marissa sent multiple inspiration boards to try to pin down my vision. I am not knowledgeable about flowers, so each time, she included descriptions of what each flower was so that I could be specific about what I liked and didn’t like. If I wasn’t sure about something, she asked really good questions so that I could better explain what I wanted. The flowers on the wedding day were absolutely stunning."


- Jenny L.

“Marissa has a great sense of color and knowledge of flowers. We worked together throughout the entire process to generate ideas, develop a color palette, create a timeline, and finalize the final arrangements. We had twenty-seven centerpieces and every single one was well-designed and looked gorgeous. She used the flowers I loved and didn’t try to substitute for the cheaper option. We love Marissa’s flowers and we had a great time working with her!”


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